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Commission - WIP by Augustyne

Beautiful and touching. The wings are done wonderfully. They are drawn with great care and detail. You captured the innocence I see in ...



She cries endlessly
Dreams shattered
Life crumbling

Born into pain
Parents hatred
Bullied at school

The only one
That cared
Died so long ago

She feels dead
Dead inside
Yet her heart beats

She wants it
To go away
To stop

For someone
To love her
To care about her

She knows
In her heart
It's all fantasy

Know one will
Care or be sad
But relieved

She struggles
With thoughts
On what to do

Live in pain
Hopelessness neverending
Alone suffering

Or to die
To end the pain
To relieve the others

Sleeping pills
A gun to the head
To strangle

So many ways
To end the pain
Or to live

To end it all
To shock the ones around
Make them see her pain

To live
In pain and sadness
Alone with no hope

What to do
She keeps on pondering
To live with shattered dreams
Or to die and be free from it all
Life and Death
The struggle of many people. Opposites like life giving fire and death bring ice.
Blood rose
Poison thorns
A garden grows

One for each
Broken heart
To show their pain

Weeping Willows cry
Darkened skies
Raining tears

Broken and alone
Misery everywhere I look
Shriveled and dying hearts

Withered skin
Only a matter of time
Until mummified

This desolate wasteland
The Rot sets in
In eternal death
Open interpretation. 
Let's party
Hit the clubs
Stay out all night

Jello shots
Patron all around
Chase it with Whiskey

Loud music
Plenty of dancing
So much fun

Go to every club
Hit all the raves
Don't let the party stop

Live fast
Have fun
Keep partying

Concerts and clubs
No one slowing down
This is the life
Despair and frustration
Pain and loneliness
Guilt and helpless

A rough life
Many trials throughout
But can't handle it

The undead beauty
Cursed into this
No longer who she was

As a last resort
Knows that a deal
Must be made

Magic is her answer
Summoning Lucifer
Summoning Mephistopheles

They are the only hope
To break the curse
To bring the dead back

The undead beauty
Summons Lucifer first
As the light bringer can help

The undead beauty
Asks Lucifer to break the curse
And to restore her powers

Lucifer agrees on one condition
She must do six favors for him
After he fulfills his part

The undead beauty accepts
The terms are reasonable
As she knew him before the curse

Then she summons Mephistopheles
Asking him to bring back the dead
In particular one person

Mephistopheles asks why
She says she cares about this person
And wants to give him a second chance

Mephistopheles agrees
The conditions are
To train several warriors and bring Absinthe

He remarks about
The undead beauty wanting this
As she is a Princess

She responds with
Her title doesn't matter
That this human deserves to be happy

The undead Princess
Accepts the terms of the deal
She is also friends with the demon prince

Lucifer held up his end
The curse was broken
And her powers were fully restored

She awaits for
When Lucifer calls upon her
To collect on the favors

Mephistopheles held up his end
The human man
Was brought back from the dead

As an added friend bonus
Mephistopheles send him to her
The Princess is so thankful

She is slowly training
The warriors that are sent
To her by Mephistopheles

As an extra thank you
She designs a special weapon
For her friend who she calls Mephi

After a month
She send Mephi
Homemade Absinthe with the old world recipe

The undead Princess is happy
She fulfilled her promise
To the human man
And she saw her friends again
Deal with the Devils
Making sacrifices to get what is wanted. Making deals with The devil and a demon Prince.
So much pain
Emptiness and loneliness
Just can't take anymore

Need to be numb
Need to kill the pain
Just to function

Picking you up
From the fall
The fix you need

I'm your best friend
Always there
Your shoulder to cry on

Give you one for free
Keep coming back
For more

I'm your painkiller
The drugs that you die on
That you need so desperately

It's the only way
To get through another day
I'm what you lean on

I'm you painkiller
The shoulder you cry on
I'm your killer

Your forever hooked on me
To be numbed out
To be happy

I'm the drugs you need
I'm your love
I fill the void

I can be you killer
No more pain
A friend till death

Did you find another killer
To take the pain
It's all the same
Painkiller is the drugs you die on
Struggle of Pain
Written while listening to one of my favorite songs Painkiller by Three Days Grace. Also, written for a contest being held by pampd

"Hey guys!pampd is holding a contest for everyone so why not join in because there will be more prizes if more people join plus twice the fun!"


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Hello. I love art and music. It inspires my life in such a positive way.

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